Love and Carvings

Aliya and I met because of carved pots. That may seem like an exaggeration, but I assure you it’s not. She was an art student and I was just out of college. Our usual routine was I would arrive at the shop in the morning, while Aliya didn't come until later in the evening when she finished her classes. Our schedules overlapped by maybe an hour or so, and it was the best hour of the day. She was so beautiful.

The first note I left for her was a request for carvings on some of my pots. She had started creating intricate designs just freehand with an exact knife, and she was coming up with some spectacular work.

I was still trying to impress her, so I wanted the card to be funny. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote, but I’m sure the only thing she laughed at was how cheesy it was. To my surprise, she left a note for me to find the next morning, joking that she had gotten adventurous and carved some Renaissance nudes on a few pieces. Looking back it was my first taste of her sharp wit to match her stunning looks. Gorgeous, smart, and funny. At that moment, I was smitten.

Your story with one of our carved pots likely doesn't have the love of your life at the end, but we hope it finds a special place in your life as it has in mine. 


Mark Alewine
Mark Alewine