The 'Make-Your-Own' Experience at The Island in Pigeon Forge

We all know the best part of family vacations. The adventures, rides, and food are all part of the experience, but what sticks with us long after its over are the memories and connections we’ve made with the people we love the most. Finding chances for this to happen during the whirlwind of everything it takes to make a trip happen can be quite a challenge, but we at Alewine Pottery are offering you and your family that opportunity on your next trip to the Smokies.

We at Alewine Pottery are offering a sliver of relief for your next trip to the Smokies. Beginning Labor Day weekend, we’d like to give you a chance to “Make Your Own” pottery piece at our store in the Island in Pigeon Forge. You’ll get the entire experience, from centering the clay on the wheel to adding the finishing touch to make it all your own. Our experienced teachers will be there every step of the way to guide you through the joy of creating pottery. You can let it dry, paint it and take it home so you can keep the memory of your experience for years to come.

There is something about getting your hands dirty, and creating something from nothing that breaks down walls and allows people to be a little more themselves. We go back to being kids, playing carefree with whoever’s around. It doesn’t matter what the end result is, as long as its fun.

This is what initially drew my dad to pottery as a young man. Guiding a lump of clay into something, no matter the end result, was intoxicating to him. He had this opportunity to explore pottery because someone gave him access to a wheel, and he’s been hooked ever since.

“Make Your Own” is available to anyone, young and old. Imagine your toddler son or daughter enjoying the same experience as his or her great grandparent. Picture having a moment of connection with your teenage child, getting dirty, making a mess, and having a blast.

This is what we are hoping our customers experience through “Make Your Own”. Maybe it will spark a lifelong passion like it has for my dad. At the very least, it will give you an opportunity to connect with everyone in your family, enjoy creating a piece that’s all your own and memories you will treasure forever. Your trip to the Smokies won’t be the same.

Consider this our formal invitation to you. Come experience the joy of making pottery with us.

Mark Alewine
Mark Alewine