New Splatter Pottery Design

Recently we posted the above image on social media, and we were thrilled with the
overwhelmingly positive response for our new Blue Splatter glaze design. I have to
admit, I was skeptical at first, but this delightfully random pattern is quickly
growing on me. I especially love the unexpected whimsy it adds when paired with
our Classic White collection. As soon as this new design hit the shelf, a
sweet customer came into the shop, gobbling up these new pots with glee.
She had her own shop in her home town called "Serendipity".
Not only did the white and blue pottery match the colors of her branding,
but the definition of Serendipity is a perfect description of how our splatter pottery is created.
By chance, happy, beneficial. Coincidentally, we hope the same is true for your lives, as it is
for ours. Maybe this pattern finds its way into your home as a
reminder to choose happy.

Lynn Stanger
Lynn Stanger