Mixing Bowl in action with Blueberry Pancakes

Today is our son, Charlie's 8th birthday so GK and I made him pancakes this morning.  (Using our Alewine Pottery mixing bowl and plates of course!)  We found this incredible Blueberry Pancake recipe from Tidy Mom...https://tidymom.net/2018/homemade-blueberry-pancakes/

I love the ease of use with our mixing bowls...the handle and spout make pouring any mixture a breeze.  And ya'll know I love our classic white collection with all my heart!

So now it's on to celebrating this fantastic kid for the day!  We will be visiting the shop (where Charlie will man his lemonade stand for a couple of hours), eating Little Tokyo, touring the Titanic museum, and finishing the day off with the new Spiderman movie.  Whew!  We sure love this fun-filled county we live in!  

Lynn Stanger
Lynn Stanger