Alewine Tradition

Pottery runs thick through Alewine blood and at the heart of it all is family. Established by Robert more than 30 years ago, the business has grown up with the kids. Now, with artisans spanning three generations, Alewine Pottery is renowned nationwide not only for their stunning handmade ceramics but also the friendly, fun-loving, family atmosphere.

a master potter and his family:

”I graduated from high school in 1972 with a love for art with no particular direction. I made a pot in a college art class and I was hooked. Doing something at age 19 that no one else around you is doing has its own special charm and I hit it as hard as I could. Throughout the 70's I studied with Bob Munro, Charles Counts and Lewis Snyder. Connie and I married in 1975. In 1983 she and I, with 2 little girls in tow, moved to Gatlinburg TN to begin a new life journey. Our son Mark was born in 1984. This life of trying to make something beautiful from a ball of clay has had its ups and downs with plenty of stress, but the sense of satisfaction in seeing our business work and all the friends we have made over the years has made all of those sleepless winter nights somehow worth it. Now our children have their own children and I hope that they all will see through our life that if you have a dream, work hard and trust God... it can be done.” 

- Robert Alewine

The Family