Tale As Old As Time

In honor of Valentine's Day last week we wanted to share with you a love story that over the decades has produced a thriving business and a growing family. 

It starts with boy meets girl and girl meets boy. Way back when they were 8 years old. That was when Robert Alewine moved to Martin, TN and met a girl named Connie. They were the same age, went to the same school, and even went to the same church. 

During high school fate intervened again. With the last names of Alewine and Culvahouse they were assigned lockers near each other. They grew closer as friends. It wasn't until senior year that they had their first date. It was the year that the Creature From the Blue Lagoon and The Beast with the Blue Claw could be seen at the drive-in theater. Was it planned that the double feature theme was a "horror" movie night and might require Connie to jump into Robert's arms? They'll never tell.  Luckily for Connie, Robert kept her laughing all night with his wisecracks.

Fast forward a few years, Robert and Connie had remained friends after their first date until their sophomore year of college. That was the year that they would start the date that didn't end. 

Valentine's Day around the Alewine house is pretty simple. Connie has a birthday that falls near the date so there is already much to celebrate. Even so, each year Robert makes sure to "surprise" her with flowers and chocolates from Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen.   


Amy Chandler
Amy Chandler